How It Works

dVIEWR, based on the proprietary algorithms of Random Walk Imaging AB (RWI), provides novel diffusion MRI contrasts that offer actionable information on tissue microstructure at an unprecedented level of detail and precision. By powering the software through MICE Toolkit™, the ‘drag and drop’ interface allows researchers without extensive programming experience to run custom image analysis workflows, quickly and easily. Similarly, the interface also benefits more experienced users to customize their own workflow designs, inputs and outputs.

The microstructural value provided by these novel contrasts has for instance been demonstrated in a multiple sclerosis study published in Brain Communications. In this study, the unique parameters acquired using RWI’s advanced methods were correlated to clinical scores, which could not be achieved with conventional methods, such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).

For more in-depth discussions on dVIEWR’s features, please refer to these sections: