Data Acquisition

While diffusion contrast is typically set by the b-value and gradient orientation of conventional diffusion-gradient waveforms, our multidimensional diffusion (MDD) acquisitions yield a more specific diffusion contrast that also varies with the shape of a diffusion-encoding b-tensor.

In other words, MDD acquisitions extend conventional diffusion encoding (linear b-tensors) to complementary diffusion encodings (e.g. spherical or planar b-tensors), thereby enabling the definition of measures of microstructural heterogeneity.

dVIEWR draws the full potential of MDD sequences, available on request for multiple scanner platforms (e.g. Siemens, Philips, GE, United Imaging). To obtain the MDD sequences on your system, please contact

Example of a diffusion-gradient waveform g and associated
spin-dephasing vector q yielding spherical diffusion encoding.